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Re: 2 Years Since Russian Hack Trump Doing Nothing

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Russian (and others) hacking did not begin with this election. It has been going on for years costing American companies millions every year. There have questionable activities thought to be efforts to effect our power grids. And much more.


Sadly, there was little interest in stopping it until Hillary supporters needed an excuse for her losing and a way to delegitimize the Presidency of Trump.


Now all the left can think of is all this childish PutinPuppy type nonsense. 


It is, has been, and will continue to be a serious AMERICAN issue, not a toy for the left to play with.

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Re: 2 Years Since Russian Hack Trump Doing Nothing

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Do these dum a so call politicians not realize they are in as much danger as Joe Blow with all the crap The Donald is doing? When something does happens what ever it may be, will it stop and say, "Oh he's a Politician," don't hurt him or her. Yea right.

Makes you wonder what Putin DID TELL him to do in that back room with no one else in there, or is it Mueller is just getting TOO CLOSE. Maybe both.

They really do need to subpoena that Lady that took notes.
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2 Years Since Russian Hack Trump Doing Nothing

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Last week, House Republicans voted down a proposal by Democrats to increase election funding to states by $380 million — the cost of about four F-35 fighter jets.


The White House eliminated the job of cyber security coordinator on the National Security Council.


Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House intelligence committee, noted that "there is no single point person in the White House working to marshal all the resources of the federal government to protect against a future attack by a foreign power, to work with tech companies to harden their defenses, and to inform the American people about the vulnerabilities.


That’s singularly irresponsible because we know for a fact that Russia attacked in 2016 and ‘alarm bells’ are going off in 2018.”


"In a normal White House, there would be a point person on the National Security Council, to coordinate all the different agencies and to work with the states and the social media companies to make sure our electoral systems aren't so vulnerable to attack," Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, who is helping lead an investigation into Russian interference as ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, told NBC News.


WASHINGTON — After nearly two years of calling Russian election interference a hoax and its investigation a witch hunt, President Donald Trump on Friday presided over the first National Security Council meeting devoted to defending American democracy from foreign manipulation.

"The President has made it clear that his administration will not tolerate foreign interference in our elections from any nation state or other malicious actors," the White House said in a statement afterward.


But current and former officials tell NBC News that 19 months into his presidency, there is no coherent Trump administration strategy to combat foreign election interference — and no single person or agency in charge.


In the statement, the White House took issue with that, saying a strategy was put in motion when Trump took office. No such strategy has been made public — or even mentioned before.


After terrorists struck on 9/11, the U.S. government passed laws, boosted funding, and reorganized itself with the goal of making sure such an attack could never happen again. But no wholesale changes have taken place in the nearly two years since Russia sought to manipulate the 2016 election, cyber aggression that some lawmakers have called an act of war.


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( " China if You're Listening - Get Trumps Tax Returns " )

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