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Re: 2 Days Before Trump Tower Meeting

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Hopefully one more nail in his coffin so to speak.
Live For Today, No One is Guaranteed a TOMORROW !
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Re: 2 Days Before Trump Tower Meeting

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Can anyone spot Mueller and Don jr in this photo at DC airport gate Friday? Tick Tock.


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2 Days Before Trump Tower Meeting

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Donald Trump Promised Dirt On Clinton 2 Days Before Trump Tower Meeting


He touted special speech that didn’t happen after meeting was a bust.



hael Cohen’s reported insistence that his former boss Donald Trump knew about his son’s meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer in advance casts a fresh light on a mysterious promise Trump made during his campaign. The candidate vowed to expose dirt on Bill and Hillary Clinton just two days before the Trump Tower meeting.


Trump never delivered on his promise after his eldest son, son-in-law Jared Kushner and then campaign manager Paul Manafort met with attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya in 2016. The men expected to be presented with damaging information about Hillary Clinton, but the attorney failed to deliver, Donald Trump Jr. told Senate investigators.


His father’s promised speech on the Clintons then sank without a trace.




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