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Re: What Do You Look for in Buying a Car?

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I believe all of your questions carry weight for most of us who've found ourselves car shopping.  


The "look" of the car plays a large part in making a choice...but not always for the obvious reasons.  What one car buyer finds classicly attractive...another may find too plain and boring.  It reminds me of the movie "Crazy People" which starred Dudley Moore.  The takeaway line of dialogue from that movie was "Volvo...they're boxy but they're good!"


Often, the "look" of the car carries a message the driver wants others to know.  I have good friends who can afford to buy any car they want.  In fact, they often trade up one or the other of their cars every other year.  The last car they drove away from the lot was a Scion.  I think their message was "We're not old fuddie-duddies!"  Could have been "We are a little bit crazy!"  The car was inconvenient and they carried a little footstool with them for older friends who found it difficult to get into and out of the car's rear seats when they carpooled.  I also have a couple of friends who've bought Mini Coopers because "they are so ugly they're cute!"  


Personally, I find the Coopers noisy to ride in and conversations are somewhat inhibited because of it.  Still, people love them and one couple among my friends just traded up to a newer model, same color, with the exception of the roof which used to be black but the new one is white to match the rest of the car.  The bumper sticker was also traded up to a new magnetic sign...they are rabid Dems and want everyone to know it. 


The pea soup that's interesting!  Colors seem to go in cycles and the last time that color was popular I was hoping it would never be recycled!  I was at a baby shower for my niece and someone gave her a baby sweater set in pea soup green!  I don't remember ever seeing the child in it.  When I remember the avocado appliance craze, I remember them as pea soup in color.  I have a friend who papered her kitchen in an orangey-pumpkin color with window treatments to match.  She had her appliances painted the same color by an auto body shop.  She recently had to buy a new's off-white and she has no plans to paint it!  I guess she's grown out of her orangey-pumpkin phase but she still carries a bright orange handbag!

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What Do You Look for in Buying a Car?

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I think most of you know who post here,I don't drive,never felt comfortable behind the wheel.

I've always been curious,what do you look for when buying a car? Is it the price,car maker,good gas mileage,trust the dealer you'll get a good deal? Why do you choose the color for the car? Are there cars you've always bought, if so why?

I saw the other day,I think it was a Scion,the back looked like a box.When I saw the color,I shook my head and thought"what were they thinking with this color. It looked like split pea soup,UGLY!!!! Sue

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