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Good Morning to the Front Porch and Welcome to May 2020 Goodbye April 2020.

Hoping everyone has a great First Day OF May 2020.



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Frozennoem wrtoe IP There comes a day when your body says crawling on oak is not conducive to good health. 

Know the feeling - wife and I decided last week that our flower beds had gotten too unruly and set about "thinning the herd". Got the first part - digging out all the bulbs, combs,roots, etc, but going to be awhile before they get back in the ground. Have to call the Garden Club to see if they've got any events scheduled before frost sets in to see if we can find a home for the half of the plants our knees won't let us replant.

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Beautiful weather in NW Georgia for May.  No serious heat and expecting a cool down tomorrow from the high of 80 today.  Supposedly the lock down is no longer in place but not much is open other than essential businesses.   Sadly the library is still closed.  There is a branch with drive through but at some distance from me and the book I ordered is here at my local branch.   The county I live in has kept infections to a minimum while the counties surrounding us are somewhat higher.  May give us false sense of security. 


Based on previous flu pandemics 8 weeks of lock downs are pretty effective for slowing virus for a while anyway.  May 13 will be a full 2 months and  I have a haircut appointment next week.  This salon has very few walk- ins and I feel pretty safe.   @Frozenoem  love your moose picture, just trying to figure out if that is pavement or mud on the street.

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Good Morning to everyone on the Front Porch and Welcome to the first Sunday in May.

Hoping everyone has a great day. 

We are looking at a high of 72 today but a low of 37 to night. It will be cooler next week. Last night I grilled out a bunch of bratwurst for supper and extras for lunches. 


On my morning walks I am checking out what is new in blooming flowers and flowering bushes. 

We have been watching too much TV but enjoying the rerun movies on cable from the Hallmark channel. 

This is truly not Madtown of Wisconsin's UW football season!

Hoping everyone is well and staying safe. 



The joint effort from the Navy and the Air Force is part of multiple flyovers across the nation called America Strong — a “collaborative salute” to honor healthcare workers, first responders, and other essential workers as they combat COVID-19.


Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flew over D.C., parts of MD, and northern VA yesterday.  Unfortunately, I was too far south of the flyover.

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The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flew over D.C., parts of MD, and northern VA yesterday.  Unfortunately, I was too far south of the flyover.



I feel so lucky, I live a few steps from NAS Pensacola, and I get to see the Blue Angels when they practice from my backyard.
The NAS  Museum is a wonderful place to visit and see how our Navy  and their planes have evolved over the years.

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I still have fond memories of Pensacola, one of my kin retired there , and my wife did the fork and knife school @ NAS.


She froze her tail off, didn’t take her winter coat, just her raincoat and uniforms.


It was COLD and snowed some during her time there.🤣 Bates shoes not as comfy as Sorels.




Noticed the same thing after I turned cell back on, AARP was in my spam folder but, Only some notifications, for posts.


Near as I can tell 3 days from now, it may be fixed.😷 Need to retrain that spam software.

That’s it, need to find some app’s for phone😆 and a heavier staff.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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And Welcome to





And have a....






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Happy Saturday, All,

@MsStretch , @Frozenoem ...I'm still not getting notices of the posts, but nothing from AARP was in my spam either.

I finally bit the bullet and turned on my AC today. Hate the closed in feeling, but it was way too humid with the windows open. They are calling for lower humidity, so hopefully I can open the windows tonight to sleep.

You all have a good weekend. Do something you really want to do! 😻

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I’d love to be able to tell you how to check your settings for AARP but, the Gremlins are at work.


Have tried several times to check my settings and phone freezes on settings page. Or else I need a computer, that won’t happen for me until later.


If you click on your user name, and settings you should find a link to double check on your subscriptions (like to this group) , and any comments made to a post or you to be notified with a check mark.


But, I can’t get there from here today. Feel like driving through the County and using cell minutes isn’t happening.


My first clue to issues was last night, similar issues also on AARP. Gremlins or tech update on weekends perhaps or during/after/ mid pandemics - whatever this is called.


Time to play with the moose’s.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this first Friday of May, 2020 better known as May Day!

May Day - History

The first Labour Day day in India celebrated on May 1, 1923. A  traditional labour union movement is an eight-hour day movement, which tells to implement eight hours of work, eight hours of recreation and eight hours of rest. Labour Day originated from the United States of America. In the 19th century, the industrialists exploited the labour class and made them work up to 15 hours a day. The workers showed courage and stood up against this exploitation. 

330551-Happy-May-Day.jpg269181_thumbnail.jpg404416.jpgs-l1600 (5).jpgmayday-parade-3-coffee-mug-white.jpgmayday-parade-11-coffee-mug-white-purple.jpg

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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May already!  Not only are daysrunningtogether, but monthsarestartingtoruntogethertoo.


This month marks the 4th anniversary of the TNR furkids.  It was four years ago that mama cat showed up with her two fuzzy baby boys in tow.  Maybe we will do a party with treats and toys.  It was distressing to hear about domestic cats and coronavirus.  I tried to get the kids to wear little masks, but they weren't having it.  We still do our nightly walkabouts, keeping our distance except when they sneak attack me.  However, none of them will approach other humans and they're pretty territorial when it comes to other 4-legged interlopers, so hopefully, all will be well. 🤞

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Yup, it’s true our internal clocks are messed up courtesy of all this inactivity, courtesy of the pandemic. CNN did a report.


Have had to increase my cheat sheets for computer work, starting to forget simple tasks I’ve done for decades.


Somewhere between dread and joy at thought of masking and gloving up to make service calls.


But, promises have been made - yeesh, if I can find just in case spare webcam. Or my pesky AirPods, know they’re somewhere.


Ordered a 5 pack of masks finally from Maine, should be here by Who knows when. In the meantime it’s N95’s and a club for close talkers.


Couldn’t bring myself to buy $$$ pricey single masks, and needed more than two , washable. Local MAine CDC page has masks made up here, which may serve double use.


When black flies happen, should in theory be able to breathe without inhaling flies or needing to do the wave.🤣


Basic White no flashy colors, and NOT dusty former catnip bags. We apparently have another cash crop, growing in greenhouses.






And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Here!!  Smiley Happy


Still April (30th & 8:16pm) here in Arizona but a GOOD MORNIN'  and a great first day of May 2020 to you, just the same. 

To everybody!!  :)

Never Look Down on Anybody...Unless You Are Helping Them Up. 🙂
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