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Good morning everyone on this first morning of October 2022. “A birthday in October can be a special treat; the harvest has begun of pumpkins, gourds, and wheat. So, on your happy day, here’s a birthday wish for you – May you gather joy and laughter, love and friendship, too.” 

October Calendar

  • October 4 marks the start of Yom Kippur, at sundown.
  • October 9 is Leif Eriksson Day. Who was Leif Eriksson and why was he important?
  • October 10 is a busy day, with three holidays packed into it:
    • Canadian Thanksgiving. This holiday shares many similarities with its American equivalent. However, there are a number of things that set the Canadian Thanksgiving apart!
    • Columbus Day (U.S.), a federal holiday, is observed on the second Monday in October. It was on October 12, 1492, that Christopher Columbus landed on a small island in the Bahamas, convinced that he had reached Asia. Read more about Columbus Day.
    • Indigenous Peoples’ Day (U.S.)—a holiday that celebrates the history and cultures of indigenous peoples native to what is today the United States. Indigenous Peoples’ Day is celebrated in cities and states across the country, often alongside or in lieu of Columbus Day. Read more about Indigenous Peoples’ Day.
  • October 18 is St. Luke’s Little Summer. This is a date steeped in folklore. Traditionally, around Saint Luke’s feast day, there is a period brief period of calm, dry weather. Learn more.
  • October 24 is United Nations Day, which aims to bring awareness to the work of the United Nations across the world.
  • October 31 is Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve)! Do you know the true history of Halloween? It’s not as frightful as you might think… Learn about the origin of Halloween.




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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@catwoman500   Wow, new car!    I desperately need one too, min will be 22 years old this fall.  Will finish the move on September 15 when all the furniture is moved by the movers.  Perhaps things will be easier then.  


@Frozenoem  Yes I do agree being fall is a problem when you fall.  I have escaped injury many times due to my lack of height.  Except falling down the stairs.  Waiting for cooler weather.  A bit of wind sounds pretty good about now, do not want to be blown away though.

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Good morning to one and all out there.

I had an experience I hope I never have again and I hope you never have.

I got a notice from our charge card company asking if I had charged a large amount at a local department store. Well I had not so they canceled the card and credited us back the amount charged. I called and found out there were a couple more charges that they credit back.

It turns out that I lost my card while leaving the grocery store a couple of days ago. 

I also used our discount and I still had that.

Hoping you have not had this experience and enjoy the rest of your weekend. 



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Hello Dave and porch folks.  You sure are quiet.  I hope all is well for everyone.  October has been way too short.  

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Hello, Everyone! Happy Halloween!


@LaDolceVita ...Yes it has been quiet from my corner for sure. Sorry about that. Not much going on, but somehow, I can't seem to get to the fun stuff like this! Tomorrow I have to get a Tdap (tetanus, something else, and whooping cough) 3 in 1 booster shot, Ugh!


@MsStretch ....Love Dora. Hope she is feeling better! 🤣


@DaveMcK ...Losing a credit card is like living a nightmare. I'm so sorry you had that happen. It has never happened to me, knock on wood.


@Frozenoem ...Hope you are hanging in there and I guess you are getting ready for the cold and snow soon.


Tonight will be the first time I haven't given out candy. After last year's questionable event I'm jaded. I had the box of treats at the end of the driveway with a sign to take a bag, and not sure anyone got any since the whole box was gone when I looked out later that night. Thinking some Grinch drove off with the whole box of treat bags. I can't get up and down every time someone comes to the door, so it's no treats from me this year. 😢


Hope you all celebrate however you want. And, yes, October has flown by. It's usually November that goes fast, but my brain is still back in August...what happened to September and October? Yikes!




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Prepared for winter I hope, at least 2 more weeks of fall hopefully with temps in 60’s by day.

Just remembered it’s my nieces 18th anniversary .



No lost credit or debits, as yet! Hope to keep it that way👍.


Other than that nothing to report , vaccination appointments are made - Covid, pneumonia and flu


Plan on locking the front door and hiding from kids, not into goblins this year. Got whip lash on August 1 and bounced off a door frame last week acorns hidden beneath leaves.🤬 ouch.




Yep, they are worse than walking on marbles and hurt more. Finally got used to not flopping on ground, when surprise I dropped like a brick.


Now have the drugs app on phone, to prewarn me on expected side effects for pills, beats surprises.🤣



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@catwoman500 , I also cannot get used to the name 'Commanders', especially since they currently aren't "commanding" much of anything currently except last place in the division.  Frankly, I sort of liked 'Football Team'. 😁  Eagles are on 🔥, but Giants and Cowboys trying to give them a run for their money.


@Frozenoem , LMAO at the acorns.  Not really, but have to agree they can be worse than ice.  Like walking on marbles.  And like walking out in a hailstorm.  Those things hurt.  BOP! Ow. BOP! Ow. BOP! Ow. 🤕👷


Speaking of Halloween, Dora (the scarecrow at the end of the driveways) got a do-over of sorts.  She really wasn't feeling well and goes without saying, she didn't look very good either.

Poor Dora -- hugging the toiletPoor Dora -- hugging the toilet


Armani only too glad to add to the overall Halloween theme.Armani only too glad to add to the overall Halloween theme.


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Hi folks.  Nice dry weather continues with beautiful color change.  Have to have one of those nasty diagnostic mammograms where they torture you and keep you for hours.  Hoping for a clean bill of health.  


I am trying to get back into some semblence of fitness after 6 years of nothaving time.  Still trying to get settled and find stuff!

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@catwoman500 , @LaDolceVita , yoga with my neighbor sort of fell by the wayside, but I still maintain an exercise/activity regimen. Working on my strength and toning, and yes, @Frozenoem , squats are a must-do. 🏋️ Have to get those knees limbered up.  It's amazing how fast you lose it when you don't use it, so time to crank it up again and get ready for winter hiking/bushwhacking (hopefully).  So many abandoned homesites and cemeteries to find, so little time. 🛖🪦🚶 And you're right 2½ miles out and back and you've done 5 miles before you know it.  But definitely better to be outdoors enjoying Mother Nature, than on a treadmill. Then the time and miles just fly by. 😁


@WebWiseWoman , definitely October invokes tragic memories for so many on the 5th anniversary, and while it may fade into memory, it will never be forgotten. ✝️


@catwoman500 , Eagles definitely making NFC East legit and it's not so much considered a lame division anymore. (We won't talk about the Commanders. 🙄)







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@MsStretch ...Sounds like you are keeping up the good work exercising!


I was thinking of you during that last week's game, wondering if it was painful to watch. 😬  Still not used to that name...Commanders. Sounds like a name they'd give to Storm troopers out of Star Wars.

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Dear Friend DaveMcK, October will never be the same as you posted above for me; I will always miss those highlights; I will miss more the losses 1-October here in Vegas...


I wish all a safe October; and enjoy the special fall events found in October. They are important and should be cherished.



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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Mornin' Everyone!

GO EAGLES! 4 and 0!!!!! Wahoo!

Eagles logo.png


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Is anyone else having issues posting here?


Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Welcome October, my favorite month.  Never lasts long enough.   Weather is gorgeous right now.

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@DaveMcK ...I haven't tried since my last post on 9/29, but let's see if this one posts.


Snoopy several days attack me.jpeg



OMG isnt that the truth.


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Fall colors still on hold.  But starting to get bombarded by acorns from all the oaks around here. Squirrels definitely on a flurry and scurry hoarding -- making me nervous about the upcoming winter. 😬


My neighbor installed and subscribed to a yoga app on her iPad and wanted me to join her for daily workouts. I'm in and even though yoga is not on the top of my list, I have done it. 🧘 We cast it to the TV and started out with the Newbie and Beginner sessions.  Boy, found out in a hurry that the flexibility and balance ain't the same when I was 30, 40, even 50!  In fact, after a session or two, I was feeling like I hurt myself more than feeling relaxed and at one with my body and breathing. 😄 Namaste.

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Hello Everyone!

We have been having some deliciously refreshing temps the last few days, but they are going to go back up over the weekend. Had to close the bedroom windows almost all the way last night as it went down to the 50's. Soon it will be time to call for the heater maintenance! Yikes.


Heard on the news this morning that there are 100 days until Christmas. Like I needed to hear that? Still contemplating if I'm going to do Halloween this year. After the last 2 years of Covid induced "putting the candy outside on the honor system", and then last year even the cardboard box being taken, maybe I'll just lay low with the lights dimmed and forget the whole thing. Too much getting up and down to answer the door on these bad legs.


@Frozenoem ...sure hope you are doing well. Sounds like you are taking it easy...just don't rush getting back to your normal crazy schedule. Leaves here are just getting brown and falling off. Not going to be a pretty autumn here this year. Grass is greening up a little though.


@MsStretch ...oh, the squirrels! Holy cow! There are so many of them around here that it sounds like a gossip party with that "Chee, cheeing" going on all the time. Drives me nuts (...pun intended). 😸 I do not like squirrels! 

You made me chuckle with the yoga story. I can just imagine me doing something like that...NOT!


Going out with friends for Chinese food tonight. Looking forward to that!

Y'all take care!


Black eyed Susans.jpg




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Top of the morning to all of you on the Front Porch today! It is a very cloudy morning but the rain systems are North of here.

Fall is taking it's time to move in this year.

We spent many hours over the past days watching coverage of the passing of Queen Elizabeth. 

Mary and I have ties to the British Island with some of Mary's family coming from Ireland by way Canada.

My dad's family came to Blair Nebraska from South Shields, England in 1912. Some of my Aunts were big followers of the Queen. 

Hoping everyone is having a great week





Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Wonderful crisp autumn days.  Wish they would last forever.


 @MsStretch  I follow along with yoga videos.  I still like Lillias Folan, do you remember her?  I had several of her VHS tapes and converted them to DVDs. Her voice is soothing and calming and she doesnt do anything unreaonable.  Some of her classes are on youtube.  Lots of good yoga classes there. 


@Frozenoem  Sounds like you are really getting into shape and getting out there.  I dont think I could do a 5 mile hike!  I have begun doing the 4 minute Zach Bush workout.  It is 3 sets in a row.  I am up to 6 sets after about 2 weeks.  

Esteemed Social Butterfly


Crisp Autumn days are kinda dirty words, here.

Especially when you wake 28* temps and forecast of light snow, changing to rain when it warms up to 40*.



I just want muscle mass back, to make possible oopsies more manageable. Haven’t had any but, still in the back of my mind.


Figured that out after I started a fire in the woodstove, and then crawled to couch to get back up. That has improved with the walks and squats, now capable of getting up again with more grace, on the up and downs.


Upper body will kick in with the hauling in of wood, and splitting with the maul, with luck.


My acorn plight has been cleared by neighbors, Noticed last night finally when walking around town, didn’t require the need to climb up on the road for “safe passage” . Those trees can be a royal pita, and worse than ice.




Hope you can get an appointment for furnace service, I booked mine for July and they did on August 2 nd, the joy of small town living. Needs to be cleaned yearly to get top efficiency, especially with oil prices.👎🏻 Reason I still burn wood, heats the entire house on a cord of wood or so.👍Oil 250 gallon tank with new furnace per year heat and hot water per year, beats all heck out of 1000 gallons per year on old furnace.


Only other news from the woods, is neighbors seem to be setting up new solar array or steel framed out building. Hasn’t hit the gossip news, as yet.But, judging by the trench along driveway my bet is solar to feed the b&b.




Yep, color me guilty of watching the Queens funeral, etc. The Joy of family back around 1860’s teaching royals around that time, which ones are a total crap shoot Grews  or Sutherlands.



Off to the woodpile🤣

And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Yes I missed the notice about it being National Coffee Day! I got a haircut this morning and was busy after that.

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Only took 8 times to attempt this message.


if you walk 2 1/2 miles out, It’s  relatively easy to walk back home especially when it starts raining.


Weight limitations have been removed just in time for firewood to be hauled in🤣 Starting with ez weights😎


@MsStretch If you stick with exercises or even squats, the balance returns kinda.It’s back to the drawing board on dizziness but, at least I haven’t dropped lately. My heart is continuing to work as promised, no pauses👍

 Now, if I just can gain and keep my weight on.




The drought is officially over in Maine, just in time for first freeze warning tonight anyone for 30* lows. Left the window open only 1/2”.


Still waiting to hear from one more nephew three moved to FL.


For all on the east coast or inland buckle up your overcoats, cause it feels like “Ian” may be coming this way, or else I-need to go to Vancouver, BC or anywhere that still warm.


For all coffee drinkers, start stocking up with this weather It’s back to freezing the beans . Prices are rising on the good stuff, according to my Columbian & Arabica supplier. He’s the only one that I’m planning on making house calls to🤣.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hey, Porch Peeps!

I mentioned to Dave in the "Coffee" thread that today is National Coffee Day. So, cheers to all of you caffeine addicts out there. I'm indulging as I type.

I just got, but have not tried, some Ultra Caffeinated Pumpkin flavored K-cups from Headless Horseman, called "Wake the He-- Up." I like pumpkin coffee but hate that it's only medium roast...always tastes so weak to me. Hoping these will do the trick!

Bloodwork this morning, so had to flood myself with water yesterday and fast overnight. Stopped at Starbucks afterwards for a grande wake-up infusion. 😺

Hoping all the Florida folks are safe and get some help with the recovery when this is all over. My friend was supposed to go to her home in Naples Tuesday, but obviously the flight was cancelled. Rebooked for Sunday, but not even sure she'll have a home left if she gets there. News footage was scary. 

Saying prayers and keeping fingers crossed for all.

Hope you guys are doing well, too!


pumpkin spice latte in pumpkin cup.jpg


Esteemed Social Butterfly

Tuesday definitely morning 60* with 100% humidity, 👀 ng forward to rain and high winds. Great day to visit coast and see Doctor at 7:30am.


With luck my happy juice will make it ez to see the 

doctor this morning, for Mt final checkup. Finally completed my paperwork and smartphone apps for the turbo booster in my chest👍.


Been playing at camps and taking a couple of boats out, couldn’t take the house anymore. Slowly getting used to, and losing my nervousness of hiking . You just drop for 3 years, you’d understand.


Haven’t looked under the couch since August 1, also called no stopping of My heart. Next comes the joy of hikes of 5 miles to begin.


Colors have not begun changing yet, October maybe. But, the drought is officially over👍 Still not allowed to mow the lawn, neighbors have been doing it for me👍, no  movements of shoulderand still no lift, push or pull more than 10 lbs.👎🏻.


In theory that ends next month, just in time to mulch the leaves, or snowblow.It’s Maine and always a roll of the dice.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Back from our 5 day Labor weekend with our family at our timeshare at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We had four suites with 9 adults and 2 rug rats.

Much time was spent at the pool and a trip over to a park with swings am slides.

We ate our way through the long weekend with each couple fixing a breakfasts and a dinner. 

Some went on walks, worked out at the exercise center, did some biking or went for runs. Two of my son-in-laws went golfing.

Watched Wisconsis first football game of the seasons. Some games in the evening. 

With a lot of times spent talking.about the good old times. 

We spent some time celebrating Mary and my 56th wedding anniversary on Saturday. 








It took 9 people to keep this 2 year old entertained.

Outdoor  Pool On Resort.jpg


Golf Course View On Resort.jpg

Nice view overlooking the golf course.


Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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@Frozenoem , no Northern lights here with the cloud cover. 😶🌫


The type of Wordle I hate.


Wordle 428 6/6



Got the last 4 letters by 2nd try, but took me all 6 tries to get the 1st letter.  I once had another one like this and I never did get the final letter and that was the end of that streak. 😖


(P.S. If the little squares appear all awry, that's a AARP Community glitch. Looks fine until I preview. 🤷)

Esteemed Social Butterfly



No Aurora here or it came in a 5 second window of no rain. Just back from the lakes , can’t hike for another month👎🏻 But, needed an escape from reality.


More expletive tests but, no oopsies and have managed to keep 15 pounds on for an entire month. 


And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hi folks.    Hanging in here, still cannot find lots of stuff.  Still working on getting old house ready for sale.  I do not see updates from @catwoman500 .  Hope all is OK with her.   Weather heated up again, thought we were headed for fall.  


I am very, very tired.  I think there is justification but it is hard to bear and keep going.  Be well everyone.

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Hey, Everyone!


@LaDolceVita ...I know I have been remiss about getting back here. There just always seems to be something else that gets in the way.


Hope you all are doing well! I'm good and, knock on wood, no covid so far. Stepson texted yesterday that he has it. 😾

I'm looking forward to the new booster that is supposed to be available close to Labor Day or after.


@Frozenoem@MsStretch ...they sky was right here for the Aurora, but located where I am, there would have been too much artificial light from the highways and suburban "stuff." Would have needed to be out in the rural countryside with darkness all around.


So, I bit the bullet and went to buy a new car 2 weeks ago. Had to get back into my "car speak" lingo...haven't bought a car for almost 10 years and had to remember all the stuff my husband had taught me. He was a car salesman and so I learned all the terms to use so that they didn't try to take advantage of a "Mrs. Old."

Did pretty well since there's like no inventory anywhere and hardly any deals, but I was mentally exhausted when I got home 3 hours later with my brand-new car. WAHOO!


new car gif.gif


Not much color choice either. I bought a 2022 White Chevy Trax. It's the last year for the Trax. Could be the last car I buy...who knows? 😸



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@catwoman500   Wow, new car!    I desperately need one too, min will be 22 years old this fall.  Will finish the move on September 15 when all the furniture is moved by the movers.  Perhaps things will be easier then.  


@Frozenoem  Yes I do agree being fall is a problem when you fall.  I have escaped injury many times due to my lack of height.  Except falling down the stairs.  Waiting for cooler weather.  A bit of wind sounds pretty good about now, do not want to be blown away though.

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