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Re: Tom Hanks 7/9

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Tom Hanks is also one of my favorite actors. Here are my favorites -

  • Bridge of Spies - 2015 (directed by Steven Spielberg)
  • Catch Me If You Can - 2002 (directed by Steven Spielberg)
  • Charlie Wilson's War - 2007 (directed by Mike Nichols, Tom Hanks producer)
  • The Da Vinci Code - 2006 (directed by Ron Howard)
  • Angels & Demons - 2009 (directed by Ron Howard)
  • Appollo 13 - 1995 (directed by Ron Howard)
  • Philadelphia - 1993 (directed by Jonathan Demme)

He also has a long list of credits as producer or executive producer, including the award winning HBO mini-series, John Adams (executive producer on 7 episodes).

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Valued Social Butterfly

Tom Hanks 7/9

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Today is birthday of one of my favorite movie actors,Tom Hanks,he is 61

As great an actor as he is,along the way in his varied career,he's appeared in some 'clunkers' . "The Money Pit'86, The Burbs' 89,"Joe vs. The Volcano' '90.

A couple favorites are:

Big '88

A League of Their Own'92

Philadelphia' 93-  Best Actor Oscar

Forrest Gump'94 - Best Actor Oscar

Saving Private Ryan'98

Sully '16

He is the 2nd actor to win back to back Oscars,Spencer Tracy was the 1st  in '37,'38

Tom has won numerous awards:

AFI Lifetime Achivement in '02

Kennedy Center Honor 2014

Presidential Medal of Freedom 2016

He has won  5 Emmys as co-ex producer in these mini series or TV movies

"Earth to The Moon' '98

John Adams' 08

The Pacific' '10

Game Change' '12

Olive Ketteridge' 14

Hollywood Walk of Fame star in '92

If you have any favorite Hanks movies,feel free to post it here Sue


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