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New thread on South Korea

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So....The parting shots from the last go-round.  


"Interesting - I never thought of being unhappy with the UN's lack of action to be a religious thing.  Maybe there is an anti-religious bias in there someplace.


Fascinating...this crew appears willing to descend into conflation that boggles the mind.  Classic, though.  I'll bet the 'base' will love it. 


I began using the acronym RRRR some time back to describe a loose, informal coalition operating toward a shared purpose.  I defined it multiple times.  It is what the TEA Party was.  The same people are in it. 


There is no visible formal organization.  All fit within the definition of 'Radicals'.   Of the Radicals, some are Religious.  Of those, some unwittingly grind a political axe under the guise of the Religion they claim to follow.  Others deliberately indulge this hypocrisy by prioritizing the political over their professed beliefs.  Still others will be Far Right Political advocates [Russian Nationals have joined them for their own purposes] cynically exploiting the religious patsyPatsy is  singular, because each is personally and absolutely responsible for choices he/she makes.  Standing apart, exploiting them all to the the cynical Republican Establishment , hoping to avoid notice and exercise control later.  The control they thought they had isn't there....and there is the RRRR. 


The cloak of 'belief is thrown over it all.  'Belief' [paraphrased] is "an opinion or conviction not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof."  Choices justified by 'belief' are 'non -rational'.  Rationality requires proof, believing does not make anything so.


I oppose non-rational behavior.  This fine fellow would like to throw the cloak of religion over his mis-deeds.  I respond at length only because I will not permit him to get away with.  Most of the audience knows better than to accept this sophistry.  Some will have to be reminded that they can be better than this.  Consider this a reminder.

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