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Megan Leavey

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This afternoon saw movie"Meagan Leavey" which is based on a true story.

Megan doesn't know what to do with her life,one day she decides to enlist in the Marine Corps. She goes thru basic training,then heads to Camp Pendelton.She does something stupid,is assigned to Kpool,begins to bound with a German shepard named Rex. She passes test to become his handler,teaches him how to be a bomb sniffing dog.

They do 2 tours of Iraq,over 100 missions they save many lives.They both are wounded by a IED,return back to the States to recover. Megan is awarded the Purple Heart,Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal with a V for heroism in combat. The 2nd part of the movie details her fierce determination to adopt Rex.

This was a terrific movie with a wonderful cast starting with Kate Mara as "Megan',she was very connvicing in the role.The 2 actors who played her supervisors,Common"Gummy',Tom Felton'Andy' were also good. Tom will look familar to you,he played "Draco Malfoy' in the "Harry POtter' movies.His character shows Megan how to train Rex .Ramon Rodriquez, another soldier she meets at camp.Bradley Whitford&Edie Falco play her divorced parents in small roles.

As a life long dog lover,I loved the movie wiped away many tears.I recommend the movie Sue

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