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Baby Driver

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This afternoon,saw new movie"Baby Driver',had seen the trailer for it back in Dec'16,looked interesting.

The story is about a young guy,"Baby" {Ansel Elgort} who listens constantly to all types of music on  his ipod,a gift from his late mother.He is the getaway driver for all smash/grab robbery heists his criminal boss"Doc" {Kevin Spacey} has come up with.Doc uses a new crew with each robbery Two of the latest thugs are really brutal{Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm}.When Baby has time for himself,he's become smitten with a young waitress,"Debra'{Lilly James}  who works at a local diner

I really enjoyed the movie,the cast was good,nice chemistry between the actors. Kevin Spacey  as usual knows how to play a villian and make it look easy.I loved the car chase scenes,it was incredible to watch,half the time I couldn't tell if Elgort was behind the wheel or a stunt man. The soundtrack was awesome using different genres of music. Another reason I liked the movie,it wasn't a sequel or a remake of movie using a different cast e.g "The Mummy',"Beguiled"

I love going to the movies,last yr I saw 28,so far I've seen only 10. I haven't been impressed with the movie offerings lately.I'll continue to post the ones I do see. Sue

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