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Just a little feedback.  And this is just one person's (my) opinion.

I recently (1/21) renewed my membership for 5 years.  At the time, the price was $63.

I just received a note reminding me to renew my membership.  That's fine, there's some lag time.

But the note now has a discounted price of $49 for 5 years.

You might think I would be annoyed at missing out on saving $14.  I am not.

I am very annoyed at this whole discounting scheme. Either the 5-year membership is worth $63 or it is not.  This type of discounting approach cheapens and de-legitimizes what I think is a wonderful organization.  This is what magazines do to up their renewals.  This should not be what AARP has to resort to.  The same goes for contests (... a chance to win $5000 if you just...).  If AARP have this money, it should be going toward lobbying/activism. I don't want membership fees to go towards a chance to win money in a game.

OK then, just one guy's opinion.  Please consider this in the future.

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I guess this is as bad. I got a membership renewal form just like the one you described with a 5 year renewal discount rate of $49. All I had to do was go to Couldn't find it. Just a renewal site offering 5 years for $63. I had to answer before 5/7/2021 (today is 4/13/2021), so I looked up my present membership expiration date and I found out it's March 21, 2022.

I thought the whole thing was hilarious.


I also got a membership renewal form for the 5 year renewal discount rate of $49 and couldn't find the website.  No phone number on renewal form to call either.  Also had an answer before date.  Wow, what is going on.  


Update.  I called the legit phone number on the AARP website.  This offer isn't offered on the website.  I was told you have to qualify to receive the offer.  I'm assuming it has to do with how long you've been a member but who really knows.  My offer expires Aug 16, 2021.  I called today in time and received the discount.  My current membership doesn't expire until jun 2022.  With the $49.00 renewal promotion discount I just received, it doesn't expire until Jun 2027.  I didn't lose any time by renewing this early.  Mystery solved and I'm glad I called to check it out.   



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I also got a mail renewal promotion for $49.00 for 5 years, and like others could not find it on the website. I called the number on the AARP website and the contact rep could not find that special offer but quoted me a five year renewal price of $45.00 ? He also gave me a number 1-866-451-6305 to contact the department that services the website. Calling that number did not resolve why any special offers received by mail is not also on the AARP website. They also offered to renew my membership at the special 5 year price of $49.00 but I guess they missed my point about being transparent

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@shanai Thanks for being a member! We have a variety of offers that circulate at different times; some offers can only be redeemed online and some can only be redeemed by mail. Occasionally, we also have early bird renewal offers that are sent out by mail to our existing members. Our website will usually reflect our standard rates which include the 5 year term for $63. I'm always here to help!

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