discounts on membership renewal

Just a little feedback.  And this is just one person's (my) opinion.

I recently (1/21) renewed my membership for 5 years.  At the time, the price was $63.

I just received a note reminding me to renew my membership.  That's fine, there's some lag time.

But the note now has a discounted price of $49 for 5 years.

You might think I would be annoyed at missing out on saving $14.  I am not.

I am very annoyed at this whole discounting scheme. Either the 5-year membership is worth $63 or it is not.  This type of discounting approach cheapens and de-legitimizes what I think is a wonderful organization.  This is what magazines do to up their renewals.  This should not be what AARP has to resort to.  The same goes for contests (... a chance to win $5000 if you just...).  If AARP have this money, it should be going toward lobbying/activism. I don't want membership fees to go towards a chance to win money in a game.

OK then, just one guy's opinion.  Please consider this in the future.

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I guess this is as bad. I got a membership renewal form just like the one you described with a 5 year renewal discount rate of $49. All I had to do was go to Couldn't find it. Just a renewal site offering 5 years for $63. I had to answer before 5/7/2021 (today is 4/13/2021), so I looked up my present membership expiration date and I found out it's March 21, 2022.

I thought the whole thing was hilarious.

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