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beware AARP membership renewal notices

AARP sends mass mailings to "valued members" to renew.  Over the years, I've received many of these posted YEARS before my membership is actually due for renewal.  AARP is well aware of this and chooses not to correct this clearly deceptive and predatory practice. 


It will be interesting to see if AARP takes down this post.

Periodic Contributor

  • I received the offer for the free charger if I auto renew for 2 years, so I did. Then I saw a message in my inbox for the 5 years for $45 so I cancelled the auto renew. When I went back to my inbox the message was there but when I clicked it it didn't do anything. The next time I went into my inbox it was gone. I will not renew unless I can get it for the 5 years for $45. My subscription expires in April. On a side note I did receive the free charger, so now I will have to keep an eye on my account so it isn't charged. I don't really care about the free gift. I would rather get the 5 year discounted price. I will say that I purchased over $3000 worth of gift cards for a vacation I am taking next year and I instantly saved 10%, or over $300, so there is definitely value to being a member, but I agree that the discount offers are not timed well. I hope there is an offer for 5 years at the discounted price before my expiration date or I may let it expire.
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