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Wrong membership renewal gift

I recently renewed my membership.  When I sent in the renewal information and payment, I was supposed to get a duffel bag.  The notice used the term "weekender duffel bag" and the picture showed it as being black in color with a zipper plus pockets. I was really looking forward to using this duffle bag when traveling. That is definitely not what I received in the mail today. I got some weird chocolate brown smelly open-top tote with white and green circles with a few random pockets on the outside. It reminded me of something you would take to the grocery store to use.  It isn't even something I would use at the grocery store for my groceries or take on trips to the park or beach.  Plus I didn't even realize this is what it was for because there was no AARP branding on the bag. The only thing I got in it that made reference to AARP was some thank you card for renewing the membership and sender info on the package.  It's an ugly tote and definitely not a duffel bag. Whoever's in charge of this renewal gift idea needs to make sure that the item that is sent is what we were told we were supposed to get.

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Community Concierge

@LeonC750663 Thank you for being a valued part of our family! The gifts are sent according to which offer is used to process the membership. If you'd like to take advantage of a specific gift offer, just be sure to use that offer to renew your membership! I was able to order you the weekender duffle bag that you were expecting and you will receive it within 3-4 weeks by mail. Once it ships, you will be able to track it online. Learn more here: Where Is My Free AARP Gift? 

I'm always here to help if you need anything, enjoy!

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