Wife and my email mixed up

I have an account and my wife was added as a household member. But your system mixed it up and assigned both hers and my email address to me! So I removed her as a household member. Now however, if she tries to correct her name using her login email (where it shows my name), any changes she makes then also changes it on my login page too (e.g., if we log on using her email, it shows my name, but if we change it to her name there, then when I log in, it greets me in her name.) We need to fix it so that her email strictly belongs to her and is not intermingled with my information. If would be fine to completely eliminate her from your database and let us start all over. 

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@Sandyman1 It's time to get this fixed! I sent you a private message to request additional info in order to correct our records. Your private message inbox can be located here: Private Messages - AARP Online Community I look forward to speaking with you further! 

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