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Reward Points significantly decreased since my last log in??

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Reward Points significantly decreased since my last log in??

Hello AARP,

I just logged on to my account, and it had been quite some time since my last log in, and here are a few things I noticed…

I had well over 100,000 points back then (Dec. 2020-ish)…Where did they all go…?!?!


Also, my FitBit tracker was NO LONGER synced…WHY??  I did NOTHING to UNSYNC it…


Which leads me to the last issue…I haven’t been receiving reward points since FEBRUARY 2021, and I most definitely should have from my FitBit activities, that unbeknownst to me, we’re NOT being logged…


I just renewed my membership for another 5 years, now I am wondering if maybe I shouldn’t have…


Also, why are there hardly any options to redeem points for actual gift cards to USE, instead of a sweepstakes entry to win one…I see one gift card available for Dunkin Donuts to “purchase.”


You all need to do better in this aspect…


Thanks for your time - looking forward to a reply explaining my concerns addressed above…

Thank You,


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@TamandHG Thank you for being a valued part of our family, Tammy! Effective January 1, 2021, AARP Rewards points expire on a rolling 12-month basis. Learn more and view your points that have recently expired or will be expiring soon here:


Your Fitbit may have lost its sync if your device or the app has updated. Please double-check that your device has Bluetooth on and open the Fitbit app. If it still doesn't sync, try restarting your phone. Check out Fitbit Support for more help. You'll leave the AARP Help website and go to the Fitbit Support website. Fitbit's terms, conditions, and policies apply. 


Since the gift cards for points only purchase are so popular, they sell out quickly; if you don't see the card you're looking for in our catalog, please check back periodically as we add more inventory constantly.

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Well you probably have points that you earned over a year ago.  Your points now expire after 1 year.  You can look under your "Transaction Activity".  When you click on it you will see a red box with "Earned Points".  Click on that drop down box and choose "Points Expiration".  It will show you when your points will expire and how many points have expired.  


That is just one of the changes.  The program had been deeply cut.  There are very few gift cards for points and usually they are $5 with an occasional $10 card.  Most of the points cards are offered on the first of the month by doing extra credit activities (videos, quizzes).  The good cards are gone by early morning.  And those are usually only $5 cards.  Yes they just want to offer you sweepstakes for points.  The number of sweepstakes has risen along with the number of points per entry on some of them.


I can't help you with your FitBit.  I am not linked with that, but I have read some complaints on this forum of people having some trouble getting their points.

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