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United Messing with Supplemental Premiums


United Messing with Supplemental Premiums

I got an unpleasant surprise last week when I saw that after 4 months of paying the monthly supplemental premium I was accustomed to, UHC had withdrawn an extra ~$6 from my account for June. When I called to inquire, the customer service rep couldn't explain the reason, so I had to speak to a manager to get an explanation. It turns out that UHC had decided to change its fiscal year for premium-billing purposes to begin in June in my state (and several other states), so now my "new" and higher premium will run through next May 31st. Although the amount itself isn't much, the practical implication seems to be that when open season rolls around at the end of the year, subscribers will be quoted one price - but won't have any idea what upward premium adjustment they'll get just a few months later. This seems like a huge rip-off in the making. Buyer beware!

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