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United Healthcare and Breast cancer


United Healthcare and Breast cancer

one of the reasons I changed to AARP United Healtcare several years ago was because of the reputation of AARP.  Now that I have had it for several years, there are several problems with it.  One is the yearly "intelligence" tests my doctor says are required by my insurance because I am a senior citizen.  This is discrimination, but  a minor annoyance.  However, now that I am battling stage 4 breast cancer, and had to have a mastectomy, I find that AARP United Healthcare will NOT allow my surgeon's prescription for a breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras to be filled,  I spent an

hour on the phone trying to find out WHERE in the city  of Tampa, FL I could go to fill it.  I had the representative from United Healthcare call the different prosthtic businesses covered by United Healthcare - NONE of them do beast protsthetics.  The representative I spoke to said since I had a prescription, I should just take it to Walgreens and fill it there.  So, since medicare itself covers breast prostetics, and AARP United Healthcare does not - AARP does its women members a disservice by allowing Untied Healthcare to carry the AARP name! - oh, and it WILL cover male testicular prosthetics!  Again - more discrimination!

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I believe you are speaking about a UHC Medicare Advantage plan and yes, they do cover post-mastectomy breast (external) prosthesis and bras, under the same conditons as traditional Medicare.  It is actually legislated by the Women's Health and Cancer Care Act.  These are covered by your Part B Medicare which you are getting through your UHC MA plan.


It sounds like you might be having a difficult time locating a fitter. This is a certified prosthetic professional.  Medicare specifies that this is the type of professional that has to do the fitting.  I would think that your doctor should know of one in the area.  They can be called "Mastectomy Fitters " or Mastectomy prosthetic fitters.


The way I understand it,  you take your prescription to a certified fitter and they fix you up and bill your insurance company.  See if this is described in your plan booklet.


Now you may need to find out from your UHC MA plan if they have these fitters in a network.  They are more specialized than your regular DME provider but they may have a certified fitter within their fold.


Mastectomy Fitters


United Healthcare Breast Reconstruction After A Mastectomy


Medicare ( including your Advantage plan) covers the prosthetic and the bra at specific intervals - your plan should be able to tell you the intervals but it should also be in your plan booklet.


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I enrolled in the AARP MedicareComplete Plan. I am now finding out that the mastectomy supplies I need are not covered. I know they say they are covered but there are not any fitters in the network. So therefore they are not covered. I tried to get supplies from a reputable dealer and asked for out of network coverage but was denied. I asked for fitters in my area and the nearest one is a four hour twenty six  minute drive one way. The other two were over seven hours away. That was through the Linkia organization. Why can't Breast Cancer Survivors get the coverage they need?

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I would like to know why you STOPPED working with LIBERATOR MEDICAL. They were the BEST. I have dealt with them since 1991 ( MANY YEARS WITH UNITED HEALTH ) for breast forms & bras. I went to place an order & find out you will not accept them anymore. WHY ????  Do I have to have different insurance through you to get this service again?  Is it that I don't have the plan that I was paying $250 a month? You're NOT GETTING ENOUGH $$ FROM ME TO GIVE ME THE SERVICE I NEED? Your company told me the one I have now covered everything I need. Now I see that I'm not the only one that was LIED TO. The list I was sent was a joke. I called today.& the woman I was talking to ELLA AT 3:20 PM Was going to give me the name of a DENTIST? IS THIS SOME KIND OF  JOKE ?? LET ME KNOW WHEN TO LAUGH.  THE COMPANIES I WAS GIVEN HANDEL PROSTHETIC ARMS & LEGS. ONE WASEN'T EVEN IN BUSINESS ANYMORE. AARP USE TO BE THE BEST AROUND. All my aunts belong & I have for years. Now that I went with what was recommended BY YOUR ADVISER. I GET LIES.

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I cannot speak to your particular situation but Liberator Medical Supply fell out of favor with Medicare and HHS back in 2014 - 2015 - they were being investigated by the DOJ at one time. 


American Association of Breast Cancer Professionals:   Liberator Medical Investigated by DOJ


Why don't you look up to see what DME providers are in your network. 

If you are on Original Medicare, this locator might help. 


Uf you have a Medicare Advantage plan, check with the insurer.

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"...So, since medicare itself covers breast prostetics, and AARP United Healthcare does not - AARP does its women members a disservice by allowing Untied Healthcare to carry the AARP name! - oh, and it WILL cover male testicular prosthetics!  Again - more discrimination!...".


You do realize, don't you, that if you have a Plan F supplement, that these are standardized across all the companies offering them. The feds require this standardization.

    So, it will make no difference what company you will have.

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