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UHC Supplement drops Silver Sneakers in OH end of 2018

10-9-2018 Update - I eventually got a hold of two different people in customers relations.  Both assured me that we would be getting another letter in December with updated details.  In the mean time, I'd urge folks to take the "letter to their local gym" and make sure they are enrolled in this "new" program to get 50% coverage.  I found out the local metro Y wasn't so - they are addressing the issue.

This will be a train wreck - as, at least for me, the health site - works for me - but doesn't show address of local facilities (but when I talked to customer relations they could see some places locally) so there is an IT issue too boot.  It still isn't resolved.  Then, of course, we have to wait to after the first of the year to get this "magic authorization number."  I pointed out - in other words - we won't have coverage probably for weeks, if not months because their phone system is pretty much broken.  In fact, today I tried to call the number I had in customer relations - it worked but the extension for my person - just rang and rang, alternatively,  if you hang on - it says "leave your ID, and your issue and phone and we will call you back in 24 hrs."  Guess what - the system didn't "beep." 


Net, this was poorly thought out, poorly executed and a mess.  My hunch is many of us will simply give up, saving them more money and eventually seek another supplement.  I have no sense that AARP has done anything with my complaint on this matter.

Without ceremony, I received a letter from UHC Supplement informing me that at the end of the year they will no longer be part of Silver Sneakers in Ohio.  Of course, the positioning in the letter woiuld lead the unaware this was an "improvement."  The second paragraph then explains they will be paying 50% of membership fees to an registered provider.  

Of course, materials were included to take to your fitness center.  I assume so they can do the work of being a valid provider as UHC sees it.  Meantime, of course, UHC requires you to register to one more web site, which went smoothly, however, I don't see any local options.  I called their "customer service" and they see a few local options - but are unable to give me an explanation as to why I can't see that data on my side of things. 

Then, just to make it easier, you'll need some sort of "authorization number" from UHC to use the benefit after the first of the year at the registered fitness center.    So, here is to short sighted business decisions.


Michael Chanak Jr.
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I'm in Ohio also and have not been able to get any info other than that SS is gone first of next year. I hope, in my case, that UHC is gone as well.
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The best recap of what is happening with sneakers that I found is this youtube video


This guy explains the change and offers other options


I never received the letter and when I tried to get UHC to send me a new one they said they couldn’t.  Is there any chance that you could post a copy to this forum?


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Thanks for your post.  Same thing is happening in California.  I'd no idea they were going to make it so difficult to even enroll with a gym to get the 50% off consolation prize.  I'm still in my initial enrollment period.  Looks like United Healthcare is off my list. 


I have been an AARP Member for nearly 20 years. And a United Healthcare Member first with my employer and then when I began Medicare.


My wife and I work out three or more times a week. I like to think we spend less on health care than people who don't regard their health nearly as much.


For the first time in a long time we'll be ditching our AARP Membership and moving to a different (and hopefully more enlightened) insurance provider.


what other supplement has the same financial benefit so that the 20% applies to all medical treatment; and you still get silver sneakers?   thanks

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Who did you change too that has the same coverage of the 20%?  thank you

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I just joined Medical Mutual in Ohio that includes Silver Sneakers for 2019 and my rate is $23 per month less for Plan G. Good riddens UHC and AARP.

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@so8714 wrote:

I just joined Medical Mutual in Ohio that includes Silver Sneakers for 2019 and my rate is $23 per month less for Plan G. Good riddens UHC and AARP.

And from their website -

Medical Mutual also provides SilverSneakers® with all new Medicare Supplement plans at no additional cost to you. SilverSneakers is an extra service, separate from your Medicare Supplement benefits, that gives you access to fitness centers, classes and much more.


Just understand that this is an EXTRA benefit and can be cancelled at any time by them since it is not actually a Medigap benefit of coverage - they use it to get your business - Marketing 101.

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