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Silver Sneakers being droped by AARP recommended insurer

I guess like all who have the "silver sneakers" card will become another worthless trash item.

United Health Care will discontinue your membership starting 1/1/18.

I am glad I went and purchased my own gym since but it is my guess that many others

do not have the money or the room for it like I do.

I had been using mine for treadmill and sauna during the cold times. the rest of the year i was

wlaking locally or golf course walking and swinging.


I think AARP might just search out another insurance I might do on my own.....


I was upset when I saw this and I went to and I am still eligible for silver sneakers and could print out a card with my member number. You don’t need United Health Care to get the benefit.

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Unfortunately you need an insurance provider who contracts with SS. I called and checked with SS. The reason the website says you're eligible for a free membership and gives you a card is because your 2018 insurance carries SS. Individuals cannot get a membership according to the representative I talked to at SS.

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But you DO need a provider that carries Silver Sneakers. Yes, you can enter your information on the Silver Sneakers website and it will tell you that you are eligible for membership for free. But that's because your insurance provider has enrolled their subscribers for this year. I called SS and checked. There is no way to belong to SS without the insurance providing it to it's members.

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That is one of the primary reasons I signed up with AARP-United Health Care. Doesn't that put people at risk of paying much higher premiums after switching to a 2nd Medicare Health Company??


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