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Should I re instate Part B?

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I had a dispute with my husband in June of 2015 which brought on PTSD. I moved to Canada to be near my sons and filed for and became a dual citizen of both countries. I was born and raised in U.S.. In Oct. 2015 I dropped Part B Medicare after acquiring Canadian medical coverage. Since then Ifind myself going back and forth to assist my husband in getting the care he needs. Hewould not give me a divorce.  I have other direct family members in Washington state in need of my assistance in acquiring resources for THEIR care. I am now wondering if it would be wise to go back on Medicare Part Bfor my own health issues. Last Fall I acquired an Extended Health policy in Canada for when I travel but don't know if it will be enough if Iget sick and can't go back to Canadian home. Not sure what to do or who to ask.

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