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Re: Please tell me how to opt out of junk mail from AARP

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I called the member services number shown on the card and asked them to stop all the junk mail from coming to me.   they very politely took my information and said they would have it stopped.


We will have to see if this really works as i only did it today.

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Re: Please tell me how to opt out of junk mail from AARP

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I finally started using,  or as it is called now Outlook, exclusively.  It has the "Easy" option of adding addresses to an allow/blocked list.  My list is long long long. 

when I first login, I get my allowed mail and then can pick the junk folder to check that nothing got accidently sent there and when done "empty" the junk mail folder.

There is aslo the instant optin to check "not junk" in the junk mail folder.  It is sooo easy and you don't have to jump through hoops to get something into ot out of junk mail. 

Yahoo and Gmail sometimes  "forget" what is on your junk mail list and sometimes I have opened some mail that puts me on a "list". 

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Please tell me how to opt out of junk mail from AARP

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It is really getting over the top....sometimes 10 pieces each week.  I don't want to be on the junk mailing list, If I want to purchase something I will let you know.  Help!

Maureen Delaney
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