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Plan F will no longer be offered after 2019; premiums likely to riseDeptDoes an

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I found out accidentally through my Medicare insurance advisor that Plan F supplemental policies will no longer be offered to Medicare enrollees after 2019.  Many Medigap providers are already advising representatives not to offer plan F supplement policies when they talk to prospective clients.  Those already enrolled in Plan F at the end of 2019 will be able to keep that plan.  However, because there will be no new enrollees in the plan, premiums will rise much faster than for other plans.  Also, if you live in a state that does not allow you to change Medigap policies under guaranteed issue during open enrollment after the initial 12-month window, it may not be possible for you to switch to another Medigap plan.  I am shocked that AARP has not been informing members of this change. I have also not been able to get information from my state insurance department as to how to proceed in order to advocate for a solution that will allow enrollees to change plans with guaranteed issue, at least one time, when Plan F is no longer offered.  The Kansas State Insurance Dept. could not tell me whether the state or the federal government would be responsible for crafting a remedy for this dilemma.  I was told to open an inquiry with the department so that they can investigate who I would need to approach about a resolution.  I've been told by the state, as well as my broker, that ending Plan F was part of the compromise for getting the CHIP program temporarily renewed, the one that is now unfunded again. I would appreciate someone from AARP addressing this issue and bringing some clarity as to how to bring about a remedy for those with original Medicare and Plan F supplemental (medigap) plans.

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