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I been inudated  with Insurance agents encouraging me to switch from my plan F to Plan G. They say it would save me from $300 to $600 per year in premiums and the only difference would be that I would have to pay Medicare`s $185 /year deductible. Sounded like a no brainer until you look a little deeper . When I checked with my current insurance company for a competitive rate they quoted me a Plan G rate $25/month cheaper than Plan F (net savings $115 per year after deductible)  However ,because I had a surgery in January 2019 ,I would have to wait a year to sign up for Plan G.  I also asked my insurance company why their  rate was $30/month more than a competitive insurance company. They said that probably was an introductory rate just to get you hooked then after a year I could probably have up to a  30 % increase in premiums.  My advice to all Plan F insurance recipients-Make sure it is all that is promise before changing plans. It is said that Plan F is going     away in 2020  but current recipients will be grandfathered in indefinitely but will not be offered to new enrollees. So before giving up Plan F make sure you understand all the benefits and consequences. If anyone would care to throw more light on the subject ,it would be appreciated.

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