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Peaceful Resistance

I see a number of posts on this forum where folks are voicing their displeasure with a particular plan or product. Sometimes the posters are looking for advice on how to deal with an issue. Hopefully they get a suggestion that will help.


Sometimes they believe their contribution will result in the company bending to their will and making a change.


That. Won't. Happen.


The only thing that really get's their attention is declining revenues. In other words, "vote with your feet" and take your business elsewhere.


You can change your drug plan during open enrollment plus when an SEP occurs. You are not locked into a plan forever. Don't like your plan? Move.


Most of my clients move every 2 - 3 years.


Same with Advantage plans. Use your option to change the plan as needed during the annual election period. Don't like your plan? Look for something better.


Very few people keep the same Advantage plan "forever". Most will move every 3 to 5 years. This is especially true in rural areas where choices are few and networks are smaller.


Medicare supplement, Medigap, is a bit more diffcult. If you want to change plans beyond your initial enrollment period you will most likely have to submit to underwriting. Many will only have one opportunity to pick up a Medigap plan. Choose wisely.


Complaining rarely results in the change you seek. Voting with your feet won't cause the carrier to make changes unless there is a noticeable exit. But there is no reason to continue supporting a carrier that you feel is not treating you right.


Move on somewhere else. Spend your dollars where you feel real value and customer service exists.



Bark less. Wag more.
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