Part G in Massachusetts

Everything I see online suggests that it's impossible to keep your Part G plan if you move to MA, but UnitedHealth keeps telling me on the phone that I CAN keep the plan. I don't want to move to MA and change to their state specific plan and possibly be locked out of medigap if I moved back out of state in a few years. It's nice that MA has open enrollment for their plans, but you can be stuck shoveling snow for your whole retirement. Has anyone had any experience with this?

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@StevenS12823 I assume you mean Medicare supplement PLAN G.


Every carrier I know allows your Medigap plan to follow you across state lines when changing your residence. Rates will normally be adjusted on your next plan anniversary to reflect the cost of health care in your area.


If you decide to change plans you can enroll in one of 3 standardized MA plans.



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