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OptumRx Robot Call

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Today I got a robot call claiming to be from OptumRx calling on behalf of United Healthcare.  The automatic recording provided a number and caller i.d. code for me to use "when I call back."  I am extremely suspicious of "companies," especially in healthcare, that initiate a call to me and ask that it be returned.  That it was a robot call makes it even more dubious.  If you have business with me, send a letter and that will increase my confidence that you are a legitimate enterprise and not a scammer trying to steal my identity.  Just for grins I called back to see what happened knowing I could hang up at any time.  When I did the robot, again, identified my name correctly (so too could hundreds if not thousands by scanning the internet for me), but when it next asked for my date of birth I hung up.  Too much information to give to a robot, and likely only the beginning of even more personal questions that could lead to identify theft.  Has anyone else received the same robot call from OptumRx?  BTW, OptumRx, shame on you if this is in fact your legitimate attempt to reach me.  With the rampant i.d. theft especially targeted at seniors, why would an intelligent person respond?

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