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Re: Optum RX doesn't work for scripts - they want you to use another insurance company

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@kw58946748  We are sorry to hear of your experience with Optum Rx.  Someone from AARP will be reaching out to you via email for additional information about the issues you have expereinced.  We are sorry that this was unpleasant and would like to address it immediately.


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Optum RX doesn't work for scripts - they want you to use another insurance company

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Took 18 months to get my first script through them.

After 20 some calls and being told everything from its on the way to your doctor needs to call us....

Had UHC and Optum both on a conference call about the meds not comming ( after 12 months ) neither ever called me back to see if I got them, and took another 6 months - THEY DON'T CARE!

Over the years have ahd to reset passwords so many times can't count - this or the site is down.  Reset last week and this week wanted to check on an order and couldn't log in, do reset pasword and didn't work, so called and after 10 minutes on hold was hung up on. So called the number on the card and that call finally transferred me only to have the optum person disconnect me so they didn't have to talk to me, called back yet again ( all started at 9:05 am, then this guy couldn't get me connected either.

Then tried an hour later and was able to log in, but the order I placed last week was not there and had to start over and do not know, and wasn't able to place the order this  time - only allowed to auto fill but the site says N\A for a delivery time and the cost is also N\A.  Almost certain as I asked a co-worker who has to call them every time a script is needed that this is to make it hard on people so they choose another insurance carrier - the ones that cost them money...  wink wink


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