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Re: Omeprazole - Another Health Insurance Rip-off

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Thanks for your replies - as I said I am on my wifes Employer Based - Cadillac Healthcare Plan - from BC/BS - No Cost - No Premiums and until recently No Insurmountable Problems except for this Omeprazole issue


Humana - No thanks


Supplemental - No Thanks - I'm on Medicare Part A not by Choice but because I have to be - I declined Part B until my wife retires.............................


I can tell you this - I'm not paying $50 for 60 pills that retail for 50 cents each - I'm a Veteran and I can get my Rx's through the VA - a 90 day supply will cost me about $20 but then they will just backcharge my wife's employer through BC/BS


A real Conundrum



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Re: Omeprazole - Another Health Insurance Rip-off

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Consider a Medicare Part D plan.  You prescription will be $3.00 for 90 days as Omeprazole is a Tier 1 generic on most plans.  You will have to pay a monthly premium of about $40 a month (total - medicare part D premium plus plan premium).

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Re: Omeprazole - Another Health Insurance Rip-off

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i don't know what kind of insurance you have but i have been on omepazole 40 mg. for several years and pay zero copay with humana for a ninty day supply. if i get it at cvs i pay six dollars.

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Omeprazole - Another Health Insurance Rip-off

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I'm 68 years old and have been taking Prescription Strength Omeprazole twice daily as a Non-Brand Name Generic for 25 years.


I'm also a spousal member on one of those so-called Cadillac Employer Provided Health-insurance plans administered through BC/BS of Massachusetts offered at no-cost from my wife's employer


I've also tried several Omeprazole Over the Counter substitutes like Zantac 150 - Non-Prescription Strength Omeprazole Etc - I might as well take a Placebo - they are not effective......................


My Co-pay for this Drug has gone up & down over the 25 years reaching it's highest level a few years ago at $15 for a months supply - 60 capsules


Last Month I received a letter from BC/BS of Massachusetts advising me that my Co-pay for Omeprazole is once again increasing from the $15 Co-pay Tier to the $50 Co-pay tier


So now I'm up to almost $1 per capsule


So I did some research & - according to Wikipedia


Omeprazole was discovered in 1979.[5] It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system.[6] It is available as a generic medication.[1] The wholesale cost in the developing world as of 2014 is US$0.01 to US$0.07 per dose.[7] In the United States it costs on average US$0.50 per pill.[8]



Now I'm assuming one of the so-called self-described Healthcare Experts on this AARP Site is going to Pontificate that this is just another example of the horrific destruction Obamacare has caused in our Healthcare System and I am going to respond once again - that NO this is simply another example of Greed and the lack of effort by all the Bums in the US Congress both Republican & Democrat to do something meaningful to address the high cost of US Healthcare & Rx Drug Costs & for no other reason than to continue to protect Pure Corporate Greed


1. Average World Cost 1 Cent per pill Average US Retail Cost - $0.50 - that's 50 cents per pill - just my Co-pay is almost $1.00 pill and I asked the CVS Pharmacist is I were to purchase this prescription without Insurance and paid cash - how much would it be?


She said - $126.50


So where is all the other money going?


What is it being used for?


This pill has been around for 38 years surely the cost of the research & development has been covered by now




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