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My wife has poor health, but no insurance

To make a long story short, about seven or eight years ago my wife was diagnosed with sleep apena, while we were living overseas.  About that time she obtained a cpap machine, and used it until she returned to the US in October of last year.  


She did not bring her overseas cpap machine to the US because of the difference in household voltages, and thus she would not be able to use it over here, so she abandoned it when she came back to the US.


Well, I've been trying to get her seen by a sleep specialist, so she can get a new cpap machine, but the prices they are given me are way beyond our ability to meet.  


So, my wife has been without a cpap machine since last October, her health seems to be somewhat deteriorating, she doesn't rest well at night, and she is constantly tired and without energy.


On top of that, in 2019 (while still living overseas) my wife was told by a cardiologist that she may need a pacemaker due to a slow heart rate, but we didn't get it done, because my wife was afraid to have surgery outside the US.


So, I need advice on how to get my wife in front of a sleep specialist and a cardiologist, but she doesn't have any insurance, and we have very very little money.  Any advice greatly appreciated. 

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Can she get Medicaid ?  



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