Medicare options with Federal Benefits (Tricare For Life and Federal Employee Health Benefit plan)

Question to the forum. I just turned 64 and am looking at options for Medicare. I "retired" from federal service after 43 years and am covered by Tricare Standard (which will become Tricare for Life at 65) due to my retirement from active duty and also retained my federal employee plans (health/vision/dental) after retiring from federal service. I can "suspend" my federal plans (currently $458/month) and just use TFL as the secondary payee with Medicare A&B. As to Part D - TFL has a pharmacy benefit but it is limited in flexibility; the federal plan is quite flexible. I actually like the federal coverage but don't know if I need it after Medicare kicks in. Just starting my research and curious if anyone else in the forum had/has this situation and, if so, how they navigated it. Thanks!

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