Medicare Part c and contacts at AARP

Applied for Medicare Part C, via AARP UnitedHealth care Medicare Advantage over 10 days ago. Got a confirmation number and that is the last I heard from them, no documents to examine nothing.


Part of the reason I get teed-off at AARP is the lack of communication as shown on their website. Paying and signing up is not a problem, when an issue shows up the only way I see to communicate with AARP is via this forum, wait on the phone or send a letter. Show the little AARP has for their customers, they give pleanty of Lip Service, but no way to email customer service.  Please do not refer me to social media, I did not enroll with them.

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AARP is not the insurer - you have to contact United Healthcare. 

AARP only makes royalty $$$ for the use of its name.  You DON'T even have to be a member of AARP to get an AARP Medicare Advantage plan. 


You DO have to be a member to get a Medigap or Medicare Supplemental plan from AARP United Healthcare but still UHC is the insurer; not AARP.


AARP® Medicare Advantage from UnitedHealthcare Details & Disclosures - Medicare Advantage 

The Disclosure says:

Screenshot_2020-11-07 AARP® Medicare Advantage from UnitedHealthcare.png


You did not say if this is your initial enrollment in Medicare with an Advantage plan as your choice or if you are just changing plans during open enrollment for Advantage plans and/or Rx plan for 2021 which we are currently within -  either way UHC should be sending your insurance card with plan details of your pick of the plans.  If you are changing plans, since the new plans don't start until 2021, they probably aren't in any rush.


You can read about the plan that you picked on their website - you just have to know what type of plan you signed up for; the specific name of the plan is very important - there are several different types.

AARP Medicare Advantage Plans from United Health Care - Types of UnitedHealthcare Plans Medicare Adv... 

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Most large platforms & brands don't have the capability to handle the influx of email support questions. That's why they do not offer it. Facebook & Google are the same way. The best alternative, and fastest response support options, are social media platforms. For the most part, that is where the email support staff has been moved to and responding to questions for many companies. 

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@RafaelG498626 I am not defending UHC for the "lack of response", but during open enrollment the carriers, ALL carriers, are swamped. This 7 week period is tantamount to the Christmas shopping season.


Over 50M on Medicare and every one of them think this is the ONLY time they can change plans.


About 70% of seniors aging in are on group plans that run on a calendar year. So there are a BUNCH of folks looking for 1/1 effective dates.


Routine applications that normally are processed in 3 to 5 business days now take 2+ weeks. In a couple more weeks the time to process will be over a month.


I take applications all year around but don't take any past 11/15 or so.


Taking applications after 11/15 for a January effective date might not get approved until February.


Just saying . . .

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