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Medicare Part D Insulin Users - FYI

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Medicare Part D Insulin Users - FYI

Just FYI -


As you probably know, in 2023, all Part D plans must cap the cost of insulin at $35 per month.  However, the insurers aren’t required to offer every form or brand of insulin on their respective formulary.


You should make sure that the type insulin that you use on your Part D formulary.  In fact, if it was on the plan last year and you didn’t change plans or investigate any changes - check your Part D plan and make sure your type of insulin in on that 2023 formulary.


Also since Medicare’s open enrollment period ended on Dec. 7, the online Medicare cost comparison tool didn’t always reflect changes mandated by the new law, because this law was passed after Part D plans had already set prices.  So, again check it out and make sure your type of insulin is on your 2023 Part D plan formulary.


Because of this, Medicare has begun a one-time special enrollment period through the end of 2023, allowing insulin users to drop, add or change Part D plans. Beneficiaries have to call the 1-800-MEDICARE number to make a switch. Counselors at your State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) can also help you - 


In some cases, like Medicare Advantage plans which are all-inclusive of Part D (MAPD), double check those formularies too for coverage of your type of insulin.




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