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I am turning 65 soon and looking to find the best Insurance for myself to help me get the best Medicare Insurance out there. I do not know much but need to find the right place to look. I have stumbled upon some forms as I was searching on google. I did come to a website  and filled out their form and was contacted by multiple agents that gave me great information.


Are there any other sites that you would recommend?

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@GaryE412756 there are no absolute "best" insurance plans. The coverage that meets your needs AND budget is the one that is right for you . . . today.


Situations change, and something that is a good fit for you may not be a few years down the road. Too often those who have enjoyed good health tend to be dismissive of potential changes in health.


I hear stories all the time about "My mother lived to be 90 and father 88. Neither were sick until the last few months of their life. I guess I got their genes".


Those folks never considered accidents . . .


MA plans come and go, networks change, so do benefits. A plan that looks great today when you are healthy will become extremely expensive when your health goes south. Beyond that, the networks may inhibit your ability to get the "best" care.


Best is subjective.


The Medigap premium that is affordable today may not be in a few years. This is especially true if you bought primarily on price, or the plan the agent convinced you to buy.


Look long term, not at your immediate situation.


And stay off the internet!


Or at least stop giving your information away to be sold hundreds of times.

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NO, NO, NO -  BAD WAY TO DO IT - they will run you crazy and you will get enough mail about it to fill a landfil.


If you do not want to learn all about it yourself and it is complicated, then the next best thing is for you to find A GOOD LOCAL MEDICARE INSURANCE BROKER THAT WRITES BOTH MEDIGAP AND MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLANS FOR AN ASSORTMENT OF INSURANCE COMPANIES.


Familiarize yourself - - 2020 - Medicare and YOU - 2020 Choosing a Medigap Policy:A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare 


You can face to face with the good local agent and tell him about your health needs and he can explain all your choices and give you premiums. 


Ask around for some recommendations


Don't forget you will have to pay the $ 140 or so monthly for Medicare Part B.

It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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