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MedPAC Presents Its Annual Report to House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health

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On May 18, the MedPAC director appeared before the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health to answer questions as a follow-up to its March 2017 Annual Report. The March 2017 report is here. A replay of the hearing is available on c-Span.org.


As usual the MedPAC bureaucrats and leftist academics on the Special Congressional Commission presented reams of new ideas to make Medicare more and more complex rather than addressing seriously this simple idea:



  • everyone on Medicare gets the same premium support (just as premum support usually works from an employer before you join Medicare... )
  • with that premium support anyone on Medicare chooses whether they want Medicare fee for service insurance, a Medicare HMO, a Medicare PPO, a Medicare ACO or whatever (many new options will emerge once all the leftist administrivia is removed)


Instead those who want managed Medicare continue to be shortchanged partcpercent.jpgand the entire system will shortly depend only on contemporaneous funding from payroll and income taxes. When that happens, everyone on Medicare -- not just those on Medicare managed care -- will be shortchanged.unfundedliability.jpg


Also as usual, the far left Democratic ranking member, a Congressman from Michigan, and other senior hating Democrats droned on about Obamacare instead of Medicare and demonstrated as always how little the Democrats care about people on Medicare. But ironically one Democrat spent his whole time critizing Obama for not moving on the alleged abuse of the risk adjustment system by AARP/United Healthcare since 2009 (turns out it took the new Republican Justice Department to move strongly ahead on that alleged abuse that had been ignored by the Obama administration for 8 years).

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