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I keep getting calls from United Healthcare to push me to their online pharmacy and to allow them to come to my home for a "House call" to consult on my health and care options. WHAT!!! I have a primary care provider...the last thing I want is an insurance company sending their doc here to butt into my care....I understand this is done so they can raise your risk score and get paid more by Medicare...I dont like United Healthcare's approach and will look for a less intrusive insurer next year. Curious as to whether anyone else has been repeatedly contacted by them.

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@KD779389 sounds like you have an "Advantage" plan, AKA managed care.


The folks calling you are doing what they are supposed to do . . . find ways to save the carrier's money. That's why they are called MANAGED care.


The only way to get away from it is to leave a managed care plan and, IF YOU CAN QUALIFY, go on original Medicare and a supplement plan.



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Thanks somarco. Good to have an industry perspective on that.

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