I'm going on Medicare at 65, I still want to cover my adult children (23, 19, 19) what are options?

I'm going on Medicare at 65, I still want to cover my 3 adult children (23, 19, 19) what are my options? The two youngest are at college in OR for the next 4 years, and the oldest is in CA and has a part-time job with no medical insurance. Has anyone been through this and what are my options? Thanks. 

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Your 3 healthy young adult children do not qualify for Medicare. So unfortunately you will not be able to add them to your Medicare policies.


Thus, you won't be able to "cover" them in the way you're used to, but you can still help them. One of the best ways is to refer them to a Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator like this one:


Your children will most likely qualify for big subsidies since they are in college or only working part-time. If you turn 65 in November or December, that will be ideal timing, because open enrollment will run 11/1/22 - 12/15/22.


If that timing doesn't coincide, they can qualify for subsidies if they experience a Qualifying Life Event (which isn't very hard to do). Hope this helps!

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Perhaps this article will provide some helpful information, and perhaps the author can go into more detail: A Guide to Medicare Enrollment .


I'm not sure why medicare should cover your adult children who according to your post are thriving as adults, but if they qualify they should indeed receive...





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