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How do you research best prices for a prescription medication?

My doc has just recommended I start taking naproxen for arthritis pain.  I purchased it over the counter, but have now realized I can also buy it with a prescription.  I would like to get the best price possible, and I also like the idea of getting the drug as a prescription so I can start offsetting my deductible,  so I called my pharmcy and asked what it would cost to fill a prescription for Naproxen given my insurance plan (which is not Medicare).  They said they don't know until I get a prescription and let them run it through.  So my question is, how do you comparison shop the best prices, because I'm not sure my local pharmacy is the cheapest option.  Do I get a prescription and carry it around to the various pharmacies around me and have each one run it through their system?  Or is there a better way? 

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If you want to search, what is your favorite search engine? Have you used Google before?

How many places do you have nearby you that you can have a prescription filled? Are you going to drive to pick it up or have it shipped? What will the extra cost be to drive or pay a shipping charge? Make sure you figure out the entire cost to get your drug.

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You could check places like GoodRx, CostPlusDrugs - there are several discounters or discount pharmacies.  You pay out of pocket for these - you don't use your Rx prescription plan.  But in order to look around, you have to have the prescribed dosage and sometimes the med might be offered in different types - tabs or caps.

Naproxen could also have other names depending on how your doc prescribes it - just tell him the cheapest and he will prescribe it in the generic name.  It is really only the dosage that separates the OTC from the Rx - but you can always take more of the OTC to equal the Rx.  But with this specific one - ALWAYS TAKE IT WITH FOOD. 

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