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HEADS UP !!! Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Is Fast Approaching

There are lots of changes happening in Medicare - specifically the Prescription Drug Program (PDP)   


The Annual Enrollment Program (AEP) begins next month so with that in mind, for specifically those with free-standing PDP, make sure that you review your current plan and take whatever action you may need to do for your benefit.


Now, if you see that your premiums are increasing, before you start to kick, scream and yell, also look at any offset.  What I mean by that is (1) your deductible could have DECREASED (2) Your copay, if applicable, could have also DECREASED especially for certain tier meds.


So what I am saying is REVIEW your options for any 2024 PDP plans.


If your PDP is tied to your Medicare Advantage choice plan - you still need to review it, as well as the medical coverage details - 


DON’T just put these decisions on automatic.  You health changes, plans also change, government sometimes orders changes too - Just do what is best for your benefit.


Now for those who really don’t have skin in the game - guess you get what you get but even here this should be ample coverage for medically necessary stuff.


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Well, I have AARP/United Healthcare drug plan. I just got my notice that my monthly premium is essentially doubling from $28/mo to $55/mo and my annual deductible is also rising.

What the hello, doubling the rates? Going to be the same thing, higher premium ( though not doubling) with medicare with these new alzheimers drug. Where does AARP/UHC get off doubling our rates???????


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I cannot speak for any group or insurance company - this seems to be more of a result of Administrative changes to the Medicare Prescription Drug Program (Part D - the law changes as amended last year with the Inflation Reduction Act).  


It sounds like your current plan went from being Basic to Enhanced - check and compare how much you will be paying for your drugs in the different tier levels.


Remember that come 2025, out of pocket cost are gonna be limited to $2000 and come next year premium increases are gonna be limited to no more than 6% for basic  - so the insurance companies are having to reassess right now for what is coming.  


There are lots more - like being able to spread your out of pocket over a time period.  

This maybe more info than you want but here is the News Release / Fact Sheet from CMS on the subject. 07/31/2023 - CMS Releases 2024 Projected Medicare Part D Premium and Bid Information


Specifically  read the part entitled Background on Part D Premiums.

It explains it fairly well with some knowledge.  


Remember now is the time to reevaluate your plan choices for 2024 - but wait until into the AEP - right now, insurers are getting all the info ready for prime time.


Good Luck



It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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