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Re: Finally Medicare Reform that Matters

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They definitely didn't do away with the IPAB - it is still there to take out and use.


That's what happens when one party tried to give power, then another party takes over.


I think you are right, the CMMI and the IPAB will be tools used to develop many new programs to test in Medicare.

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Valued Social Butterfly

Finally Medicare Reform that Matters

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Ironically one of the outcomes of the November 2016 presidential and Congressional elections was that the GOP could get almost all of its proposed Medicare reforms without passing an act of Congress.


Now that process has begun as HHS has asked for proposals in how to implement the reforms listed in its 2016 platform (and budget), using the CMMI as I wrote here right after the election. Also ironically the one GOP proposal they won't be trying to implement is to get rid of the CMMI (see news release from Congressman Brady above). Turn about is fair play. Thanks President Obama and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 as Amended. You can tell HHS what you think here


You won't read anything about this in the mainstream press but stand by for the lefties to talk about pushing granny off the cliff all over the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. Already Senator Wyden is criticizing proposals he himself proposed. The left are hypocrites of a higher order.

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