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Concerned about Medicare Premium bill not yet having been received!!

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Hi, Long story as to why I am not yet taking SS and hence having to pay my Medicare premium manually.  Also, some folks who don't take SS get a bill once per quarter.  Others (and I am in this group) get a bill every month.  I pay the bill via my bank's bill pay and in fact, I don't even really need the paper copy of the bill (I know what the amount will be, where to send it and so forth).  But I still like to receive the bill, especially since it still has the old Medicare # which is a number you really don't want to toss around.  


But this month, June, my bill is not going to arrive by the 10th.  Today is Saturday the 9th and no bill came in the mail.  That says, if it is to come at all, the earliest now will be the 11th.  Does anyone know how hard and fast is the Medicare stated receival date of the 10th of the month or soone???  I know there was an issue last December that was later traced to a problem at Medicare.  Might there also be an issue going on this month, June, 2018???  I know they are also mailing out new Medicare cards, including into my state.  Any guesses as to whether that might slow down the monthly bill???


Any feedback would be much appreciated..  thanks

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