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Re: Changing AARP / UHC Supplemental (Medigap) Plans with No Underwriting

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What does "without underwriting" mean?
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Re: Changing AARP / UHC Supplemental (Medigap) Plans with No Underwriting

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As of 60 days ago I could switch my United Health care plan F supplement to plan G without any underwriting. However I was cautioned that it’s possible this could change some time in the future, but as of now no problem changing lettered plans under the umbrella of UHC supplement plans. That’s one of the reasons I selected AARP/UHC. There might be other companies that allow you to switch plans without being underwritten but I didn’t find any 3 years ago.


Now as far as changing a discontinued “I” plan to a current letter plan I have no idea.


As you know discontinued plans H, I, J had either prescription or home healthcare or both included.


Why don’t you call them on behalf of an elderly friend just to find out? There’s nothing wrong with that.



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Changing AARP / UHC Supplemental (Medigap) Plans with No Underwriting

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I understand from reading a few posters here that UHC allows people to switch their AARP /UHC supplemental plans without underwriting.  Is this correct?


I am asking because a friend of mine was trying to switch her mother from an old Plan I (this is an old plan, not offered since 2010) to a Plan N and they told her that IF the plan was not "modern" then there would be underwriting.


So I am just mentioning this here to see if anybody has had any experience with this because I know several others who are considering switching their AARP/UHC Plan F after 2020 if rates start to go up somewhat drastically or if they just want to change.  BUT IF this is the case about the underwriting, they may want to consider earlier.



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