COVID test insurance

My GP issued a prescription for a Covid nasal test and sent it to an independent lab.

I went to the lab where the nasal specimen was obtained for forwarding to a local lab for analysis and report.

The intermediate lab then charged me a $30 fee, gave me a "superbill" and receipt and said they  don't bill insurance.

I am somewhat annoyed since I thought either my GP would take the specimen in his office and send it to the lab or he would give me an order to take to the lab.

How do I claim this via the Medicare A/B system?

   Do I somehow send it directly to Medicare?

   Do I send it directly send to my "Medigap" insurer?

Located in California, if it is relevant.



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@ExPatBrit if the lab "doesn't bill Medicare" you uses a provider that has opted out of Medicare you will have to file the claim with Medicare using form CMS-1490S as referenced by @GailL1 


Frankly, self-filing is a pain in the butt. Do you really want to go through this for a $30 claim?



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This was just handled all wrong to begin with but to get reimbursed for what you paid out you will have to file a claim with Medicare Part B.  Do not worry about your Medigap - Medicare should cover the charge at 100% but if there is some remaining, Medicare will forward your claim to your Medigap coverage provider just like normal.


Here is are some links on what and how it is covered and how you actually file a claim with Medicare Part B.  It is not a speedy process - but maybe it won't take too long.


COVERAGE: - Coverage explained for Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) tests 


How To File A Claim, What is needed and where to file it: - How do I file a claim? 

You might want to bookmark this page in case you need to check on your claim (see the page links on the left side of the page)

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