Avoid Optum RX - Worthless

Been 10 days since order and prescription never received. Tracking claims shipped yet USPS has no record of receiving package. United Health Calls handled in India with severe communication issues. Waiting for high blood pressure meds and cant get anyone to reslove.

State Attorney General needs to review OptumRx practices. 

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@jp65591993 AG can't help. Out of state pharmacy and insurance carriers not in AG's jurisdiction.


Forget mail order. Use GoodRx 90 day refill @ local pharmacy. Probably lower copay, less hassle.


Most of my clients never run their generic drugs through the drug plan. Only use plan for brand name.

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It seems that OptumRx  (UHC) has developed a type of GoodRx of their own called Optum Perks.

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@GailL1 spot checked a few prices. Seems comparable to GoodRx.


If folks want to get away from UHC/Optum GoodRx seems to be a viable alternative.


There are literally hundreds of discount Rx plans. Some are worthless, others have value. I have a client who carries 4 discount cards and compares prices when he gets a new medication.


That seems a bit excessive to me.


If folks think they have a problem with Optum is using their discount card going fix things for them?

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