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Re: Any recourse to a Primary dropping you without valid explaination

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I am assuming you are on Medicare, since you mentioned Humana, possibly a Medicare Advantage plan.


It is often hard to determine the nature of a problem when knowing only one-side of the problem but that may be neither here or there.


A doctor in private practice can pretty much decide who they will or will not see.

The reasons could be many but according to the letter you received from them and your history of appointment cancellations, it sounds like the doc determined that you weren't following their order for timely follow up.  If you cancel an appointment, you should remake it.  If money is owed for missed appointment, which was not cancelled on time and they didn't wave it, you pay it. not your insurance, if that was part of the problem.


You also said this:

The last time I went and the doctor thought it was too high to see me for the UTI without me going to the emergency room.

That makes no sense to me but if that is the case, maybe you do not want that Doctor.


Since you are now in a pickle on your meds - you could call the doc's office and ask them for one 30 day refill to tided you over and then get busy and find a new doc.  Your plan should have a list of in-network primary care docs that work with your insurance plan.  


If if you still can't find one, call your insurer for some help - You also need your medical records to take to the new doc - this may cost you a little money but go ahead and get them, with all your med conditions, your new doc needs them ASAP.  So as soon as you find a new one, get the records to that doc.


If transportation issues like you not driving when your BP is high, you need to make some arrangements so that someone else can drive you to the doc - you are missing an appointment that is critical to your health care - sounds like you need some regulation on both your hypertension and diabetes - Maybe a taxi, car service, friend, could help you out at such times.

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Any recourse to a Primary dropping you without valid explaination

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I have been to the same doctor for 5 years. I have had at least 60 office visits and numerous labs, xrays, mri, ultrasounds as well as going to whatever specialist she recommended. Since my husband passed 21/2 years ago I have probably missed several appointments but called days in advance if I was sick, had no transportation or the weather. The only time I didn't give advance notice is if (as she instructed) I told my blood sugar and blood pressure and felt it unsafe to drive. The last time I went and the doctor thought it was too high to see me for the UTI without me going to the emergency room. This last one I missed with her I had unexpected oral surgery on Saturday and the appointment was Monday. I had gone the previous week for the bloodwork and went to another doctor in the practice that week as well as the PA who follows my diabetes. I got certified mail 'firing' me from the practice for consistently refusing to follow her advise. She said I couldn't see any doctor in the practice except for an emergency and that was only for a few weeks. I called and begged for an explaination or at least the rules. University of Tenn medical is where all of my doctors are. I even wrote and asked if it was just them or I had to find all new doctors. I started running out of my medication and there is no doctor in the area with an opening (and can write prescriptions) for months. Added to that the fact I am trying to move out of state makes this even harder. The only advise I ignored was her insisting on me getting surgery to have a tumor over a foot long removed when even my surgeon said it was benign and surviving the surgery was 50/50. Is there any legal way or through humana that I can get the answer to why and the rules if I am banned? Going without some of my meds (blood pressure, insulin...) will be too dangerous to run out of but I don't know how to find a solution. Any suggestions?

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