Add-on charge at doctors office for Medicare patients

  I had my first appointment with a new primary care doctor/internist today, as my previous doctor is retiring. This was a “meet and greet” session and went well. The doctor was very friendly and spent an hour with me, getting to know each other. 
  At the end of the meeting, he described billing procedures, and said all patients who have Medicare as primary coverage are required to join their Senior Access Program at $1500 a year, not covered by insurance. His practice is in the Anita Health Program in the Chicago area. 
  I’m new to Medicare; just joined last year. Is this common practice, or should I seek out another doctor’s office?

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Read your Chicago Tribune today -

Chicago Tribune Business - 04/01/2022 - Amita Health officially splits up, with hospitals getting ne... 

What way are you getting your Medicare benefits - Med Advantage or Traditional program? 

If it is the Traditional Program, and you know the docs name that you want to see - look the doc up on the Compare site to see if he accepts Medicare under assignment or if some other method is listed. Compare providers - Lower Cost with Assignment

You do need to start learning about your new healthcare program.  Read or listen to the Medicare & You Handbook 


This doc sounds like he's is a concierge doctor - nothing wrong with that but make sure the benefits of the "Senior" fee are valuable to you - $ 1500 per year value.  But he still has to accept Medicare or be in-network for your MA plan because the fee doesn't cover everything.  What did he say the $ 1500 covers?



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I had my yearly visit with my doctor in January and I was given information about the cost of the visit as soon as I checked in. I think this was the result of new laws. The cost was nothing because I have the advantage plan. I do pay extra each month for the Senior Care Advantage plan.


Were you provided any information about their plan? Do they have other plans? 



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This has not been my experience; it does raise alarms for me as I've not found anything regarding "Anita Health Program" searching google or bing; I did find "Amita", which is legit, so...


Also, the high cost of "membership"? How sure are you this person was actually vetted by your former practitioner? This could be another scam in your area; move forward with caution; check AARP fraud and scam forums before anything else.



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Sounds like a scam to me.....sounds like trying to make up the difference between Medicare and regular insurance/cash paying patients....I would steer clear of that doctor/office.

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