AARP UHC Healthy Benefits OTC card?

Have any of you got the AARP UHC Healty Benefits OTC card?

I was going to order OTC items online but I realized  I didn;t have the card. I was like'Hey I never got the card??  I couldnt find the phone number to request the card anywhere!

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I posted about the catalog here (below) but regardless today I was finally able to order this morning.


HB+ told me they have sent out 4 cards to me which I knew was a lie.  They told me they were sent out Federal Express which I know was a lie - recieve Fedex often enough to have an account with them and it shows when I have inbound packages. I asked for tracking numbers on those 'shipments' and they claimed not to have one. Once they asked me if I wanted to order over the phone they would take my order but without something to go by how would I do that?  Yesterday they emailed me a catalog so I tried to order via the phone but the catalog prices were almost all wrong and not by 30 cents or a dollar but double.  A $10 catalog item was $20 etc.  Back to square one.


UHC today gave me the number for US based 'Soultran' which runs HB+.  I called and explained my situation to the very nice lady that answered.  She gave me my card number noting that though their system showed a card had been sent out in November there were system 'hiccups'.  They were certainly not sent Fedex she said.  Also that another card that I will likely receive in a few weeks was ordered yesterday.


So with the number in hand I was able to register and receive the link+ the pin code that allows you to order on


I'm reticent to post the phone number online but will pm you the number.

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