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Re: AARP Sanctioned Medicare Enrollment Overkill

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AARP may give contact info about members turning 65 to the insurance company for which they have an affiliation - or any other provider of something for which they have an affiliation.  


When you sign up for membership or renewal, there is a disclosure about such marketing - and a way to opt-out.  This is much like any other organization.

 Here is the form - note it takes 12 weeks to process it.


If you are getting solicitations from other insurance companies who are not affiliated with AARP, like Medicare Advantage plans, Medigap policies or Prescription Drug plans, these are originated from somewhere else, perhaps the SSA,  and I don't know anyway of stopping those.



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AARP Sanctioned Medicare Enrollment Overkill

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What should have been a pleasant segue into my 65th birthday, was a 12 month nighmare, thanks to the AARP releasing my personal info to any, and all, vendors that wanted me to sign up for a Medicare suplemental policy. During the last year I have received dozens of robo calls, daily, from Medicare vendors. After 8 months of calls, I blocked 40 telephone numbers, most of which persisted to call, some before 7am.

AARP, in it's attempt to provide Medicare information to its members, has instead unleashed a plethora of companies and/or individuals to prey on its members.

If AARP truly has its members welfare, and not the $$ it receives from selling its members information, AARP will ensure members, in the future, will not have to endure the harassment I have endured for the past year.     

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