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🩺 14 Things That Are Free With Medicare. Any Comments?

🩺 MEDICARE DISCUSSION 🩺 created on Thursday - November 24, 2022 3:30pm EST.


Hello Everyone!


I just ran across this "online" article 

while reading up on MEDICARE on Google.


Any opinions on what this article states?


Published by Money Talks News on March 31, 2022 by Maryalene La Ponsie and Brandon Ballenger.


I will sign up NEXT June 2023, 3 months before my 65th birthday. I am already receiving my Retirement Social Security so I know I will get my Medicare CARD "automatically" because I do. No need to ask for one.


I welcome any feedback on this subject.


Lol, trying not to worry about choosing which programs will cover my medical, vision, dental and prescription. I will get Part A free and will have to pay the 2023 $164 for Part B.


Thanks and Happy πŸ¦ƒ Day,

Nicole πŸ™‚


Link to article 

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ARTICLE STATES THESE 14 THINGS ARE FREE. Do you agree? πŸ€” Are you using any of these? πŸ€”

 Link to article 


  1. (1) Part A premiums.
  2. (2) 'Welcome to Medicare' preventative visit.
  3. (3) Annual wellness visit.
  4. (4) Vaccines.
  5. (5) Cancer screenings.
  6. (6) Mental health screenings.
  7. (7) Other health screenings.
  8. (8) Counseling.
  9. (9) Bone density tests.
  10. (10) Cardiovascular behavioral therapy.
  11. (11) Diabetes management training.
  12. (12) Nutrition therapy.
  13. (13) The 'What's Covered' app.
  14. (14) Insurance assistance.
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