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Re: What is a healthy sex life?

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I met a woman in a writer's group.  We seemed to get along okay and went out for coffee and the occasional lunch.  For some reason, she became completely offended when I bought a 2nd hand portable evaporative cooler.  She returned it and I haven't seen her since.  I don't really care.  I thought I was doing the right thing because she often expressed how hot it would get in her apartment.


If I was out of line, it really didn't occur to me.


We may have been emotionally attached and there was certainly nothing physical, aside from an occasional hug.


I choose not to become too involved, just in case of situations such as this.  







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Re: What is a healthy sex life?

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Thanks Astraea. I've gotten a lot of responses and yours just about sums it up. It really helps to have something to shoot for.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
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Re: What is a healthy sex life?

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Aren't the Baby Boomers the generation of "do your own thing"? My guess is that any professional would answer your question by saying that a "healthy sex life" is different for every person/couple .. whatever works for them. The only time it isn't healthy, is if their individual expectations aren't the same & aren't being met, or someone's getting hurt physically or mentally.

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What is a healthy sex life?

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Lots of people are reluctant to talk candidly about their sexual activities. Individual preferences vary greatly and fluctuate throughout our lives. Societal attitudes also change over time. We may be more open to discussing sexual behavior these days, but in many respects it’s still a very private matter.


A healthy sex life is important for all adults, and becomes even more essential as a person gets older.


We experience a greater need for camaraderie, intimacy and touch as we age.


I hear the complaints when there is dysfunction and lack of intimacy, but what does a healthy sex life really look like?

A friend in need is a friend indeed.
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