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Internet dating and Seniors

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Dee and I both lost are spouces about 2 1/2 years ago. The trauma of those losses was bad enough, however the lonliness was almost as bad. About 19 months ago we met on line and fell in love. 


Recently we cruised around the world. We met a number of couples that had met as we had. Listening the each other's stories we decided to write a short story about falling in love at 70. It is called "Love in the Late Late Afternoon". Two months ago we published it and it is now on Amazon ansd Apple iBook store.


Now we are writing two books. One is about seniors and how to use of the Internet to meet the right one as we did. Not knowing all the ins and out of success if you would like to join us in a conversation we would love it. If you are thinking about it join us as well. 



Webster Russell
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